Mirror Trick

photo: Manuel Miethe


To say that ‘Mirror Trick’ is a psychological thriller is something of an understatement. Recent psychological research into the nature of memory lies at the heart of the book. Written with warmth, humour, and a generous splash of romance, the story is littered with small reflected ironies, exploring the nature of memory, science and art.

about Mirror Trick:

Graham is mad about cars, but he is starting to forget things. That’s unfortunate, considering he is the one person who can identify the suspects who carried out the contract killing of a little-known neuroscientist, D.A.Dinsdale. But if Graham were to slip into dementia, his evidence would be worthless.

Can anyone prevent this happening? Professor Karolina Taborda, a specialist in the study of memory, believes she can. But Graham’s evidence puts both their lives in danger and the police suggest entering Witness Protection. Things start to go very wrong when Karolina is invited to recommend whether a scientific paper describing a new wonder drug, is fit for publication. Someone, it seems, is trying to destroy her academic credibility. Whoever it is has picked the wrong woman for a fight. She can play dirty too.